Teaching in a Digital World: Transmedia

People in society are constantly hungry, hungry for information. We live in a world where it is not enough to have a story plot played out in one production, we crave more and that does not necessarily mean a sequel or to stop at a trilogy. This means we want background of the grand narrative; we want to know the source of the story and to prolong the finale as long as possible.

This technique is called Transmedia. Transmedia is the process of development, construction and the sharing of a grand narrative and interrelated mediums, becoming organized across multiple media platforms. Transmedia empowers fans to engage further into a storyline, enabling a person’s creativity and imagination to cultivate beyond the original narrative, which allows opportunity for fans to continue the extraordinary theme of everlasting entertainment, for example the 1974 hit Dungeon and Dragons.

Although Transmedia is portrayed as being this innovative information and imagination provider, this is not a substitute to teaching children the necessary skills needed to engage ones imagination and creativity. I believe that children, in this technology grown generation, are so easily influenced by interactive learning that it can also become a danger to ones health. It is imperative that we keep them focused in the human everyday learning experience, hence why the new expression of Transmedia in the classroom has had an abundance of criticism surrounding the idea.

Transmedia in the classroom would help shape the way we record, collect, present and distribute information in a teaching format. Children are hungry for learning but are we feeding them in the most effective way? Children are longing for a new way to learn and it’s up to the educators to determine whether a digital pedagogy should become mandatory to support this next step. Media Literacy teaching has already started taking place, encouraging technology use for reading and writing, what the future holds is up to us.


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